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HDV phoelectron technology LTD

HDV phoelectron technology LTD

Company: HDV phoelectron technology LTD
Business Type: Exporter, Manufacturer
Contact: anna
Phone: 8675586000116
Address: 7/f, Building 9, Huali Industrial Park , Fuyong Town, Bao`an District, Shenzhen, 518103, China, 518103
Location: Shenzhen, China
Website: www.hdv-tech.com


Shenzhen HDV phoelectron technology LTD.Is a leading video and fiber optical products company in China. Our main products include active components from TOSA/ROSA/BOSA to transceivers in various packages, 1*9/SFF/SFP/CSFP/SFP+/XFP/X2/XENPAK/Customizable….., as well as one and dual fibers applications from 155Mbps to 10Gbps. What’s more, with those active components from ourselves, we provide effective solutions in fiber optical subsystem media converters and digital converters for customers needs, and we can provide 100% OEM service.of course we can also provide media converter & digital converter. With more than 10-years experiential team in providing high quality products in telecom and CCTV business, HDV has a large manufacturing base in southern China, able to deliver cost-effective solutions to serve our customers successfully.

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